What You Need To Know About Dental CT Scans

What You Need To Know About Dental CT Scans

Posted by Darren Gonzalez DDS Apr 17,2023

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Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) scans allow doctors to see problems that aren’t visible during a regular dental examination. They’re also useful when dentists need extra information about a patient’s teeth or jaws.

What is a Dental CT Scan?

A CT scan is an advanced imaging technique that uses X-rays to take detailed pictures of the entire mouth, including the teeth, jawbone, and sinuses. CT scans provide 3D images of your facial structures instead of just a flat two-dimensional image like a traditional X-ray. These images allow the dentist to see your teeth, gums, and other oral structures in much greater detail than with regular X-rays. This information can help your dentist detect concerns or issues that may be hiding below the surface of your smile and plan the best treatment for you.

Dentists use CT scans for a variety of purposes. For some patients, the dentist may recommend the scan if they suspect they have hidden tooth decay. The scans can expose areas of decay that would have been otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Patients who need a dental implant also often need to have a CT scan taken to ensure that the implant can be placed in the correct spot. The scan allows the dentist to have a better picture of both the areas where a tooth is missing and the areas where the bone has receded to create room for the implant. They can then use these images to plan the precise placement of the dental implant. For patients with sleep apnea or other sleep-breathing disorders, a CT scan can be used to help the dentist assess the airway space and determine the best form of treatment.

How Safe Are Dental CT Scans?

Fast, painless CT scans make it possible to see even the tiniest details of your teeth and jaw’s structure. When the scan is complete, the images are sent to our computer, where they can be magnified or rotated for a better view.

These scans are incredibly safe because they use radiation technology that’s similar to that used in cancer screenings. The radiation dose is minimal compared to the benefits you receive from the dentist’s detailed view of your mouth. In fact, you might receive more radiation exposure from one flight to Los Angeles than you would get from a CT scan!

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