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Have you recently experienced tooth loss and found that the gap left behind is impacting your confidence and self-esteem? If you are considering your options for restoring the function, health, and appearance of the smile following tooth loss, it is time to speak to the team at Darren Gonzalez, DDS Family Dentistry to discuss solutions. For many, restorations such as dental bridges are often suggested to replace one or several teeth in a row. 

What is a dental bridge? 

Just as a bridge attaches one area of land to another, the dental bridge is used to “bridge the gap” that is left behind after one or more teeth are extracted or lost. The dental bridge restoration is one of the simplest ways to replace a missing tooth. The restoration is made of acrylic and includes false teeth fused to crowns. The crowns are placed on the adjacent teeth as supports, allowing the false tooth or teeth to fill the space. Dr. Darren Gonzalez uses strong, durable porcelain materials to create a dental bridge to ensure that it looks as natural as possible when bonded in place. 

Why should I choose the dental bridge? 

Dental bridges are incredibly versatile. They can replace one or several teeth in a row and utilize the surrounding healthy teeth for support. These durable restorations are made to last many years with proper care, and they are more permanent than removable partial dentures. Many patients also love that dental bridges and other restorations made of porcelain are stain-resistant, ensuring they look great! 

How do I know if I’m a candidate for a dental bridge? 

Dental bridges are suitable for many individuals who are struggling with restoring the smile after tooth loss. The best way to determine candidacy is by visiting with a dentist in the Santa Rosa, California area and undergoing an initial evaluation. Dr. Darren Gonzalez and his team can assist! Call (707) 542-1532 to request a consultation visit at 1515 Montgomery Drive. With a thorough examination and a conversation with a quality restorative dentist, patients can find the treatment most appropriate for their needs.

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