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Sedation dentistry is one way to help patients feel comfortable during their dental visits. Dr. Darren Gonzalez understands that many adult patients in the Santa Rosa, CA area may feel uneasy about having someone in their “personal space” or might fear that certain procedures will be painful. Patients who visit our practice are welcome to ask about sedation dentistry for their next appointment, specifically oral conscious sedation. 

What is oral conscious sedation? 

Oral conscious sedation is the use of a medication that is prescribed to the patient prior to their appointment. Most pharmacies will carry this medication that can be administered approximately one hour before the dental appointment. Patients arrange for transportation to their appointment, as they are unable to drive a vehicle after they have taken this medication. Patients arrive awake and relaxed, and can have their entire procedure performed without fear or anxiety. They return home to rest, and will have little or no recollection of their appointment when they awaken later. 

What are the benefits of oral conscious sedation? 

There are a few advantages to using oral conscious sedation. First, the medication is easy to obtain with a prescription and local pharmacy. Second, the medication ensures patients are awake, which makes it easier for them to answer questions and work with the dentist during their procedure. Third, it is fast-acting and provides hours of relaxation. Fourth, it is safe and effective for calming nervous patients both before and during their dental visit. 

When should I request oral conscious sedation for an upcoming appointment? 

Patients can use oral conscious sedation for any type of appointment, including cleanings, evaluations, and extensive dental work. By being open and honest with our dental team about your anxieties, we can assist with sedation dentistry. 

Ready to discuss with a provider your need for sedation? 

If you have an upcoming appointment with Dr. Darren Gonzalez of Santa Rosa, CA and want to speak to him about integrating oral conscious sedation, now is the time to call to make that request! The office is located at 1515 Montgomery Drive and can be reached by calling (707) 542-1532.

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