Posted by Darren Gonzalez DDS Aug 30,2021

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Many patients avoid going to the dentist because of dental anxiety. For some, this has developed due to having cavities filled. They may have been uncomfortable during the procedure, or maybe they were not anesthetized enough and had a painful experience. However, patients no longer have to worry about getting fillings. In the past, many dentists would fill every cavity, but thanks to new technology and research, there are many alternatives to fillings. Learning about the options starts with a cleaning and evaluation with the team at Gonzalez Dental Care in Pembroke Pines, FL. 

What kind of cavity might not need a filling? 

Very small cavities that develop on the enamel, typically referred to as “decalcification,” are areas that might be able to be reversed with proper oral hygiene habits and the use of fluoride products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Dr. Gonzalez may recommend a fluoride varnish which is applied to the teeth right in the dental office. These tiny cavities may be reversed with remineralization that can be supported with fluoride use. In situations such as this, the cavity may be monitored and checked again at the next recall appointment. 

When do my cavities need to be filled? 

If cavities are monitored and become larger or deeper, they need to be addressed as soon as possible. This can keep the area of decay from becoming damaging to the smile. In fact, deep cavities that reach the dental pulp inside of a tooth can cause an infection that might require procedures such as root canal therapy to resolve. Instead, patients should be proactive about filling cavities as recommended by their dentist to avoid more damaging and costly problems with the teeth later on. 

Are you worried about an area of tooth decay? 

With a proper evaluation at Gonzalez Dental Care, patients can find out if their cavities need to be filled. Dr. Gonzalez and her team can provide an assessment to help individuals make the decision to achieve better oral health and wellness with fillings. Pembroke Pines, FL area patients can call the office at (954) 432-4800 to request a consultation and initial evaluation at the office, conveniently located at 9818 Pines Boulevard and open to new and returning patients.  

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