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Dr. Darren Gonzalez of Santa Rosa, California has some of the most advanced technology at his disposal to provide the best possible care in the area. By investing in modern solutions, he is ensuring his patients have access to the treatments they need with the best possible results. One benefit of working with his team is due to the use of 3D imaging, obtained with the i-CAT cone beam technology available in his facility. 

What is the i-CAT cone beam technology? 

Our team utilizes state-of-the-art solutions for the planning of dental procedures. This includes creating 3D images of the patient’s bone structure and jaw using the i-CAT cone beam technology. Facial structures are easy to see with this digital imaging, and provides much less radiation with higher resolution images than traditional x-rays and CT scans. When planning for operations such as dental implants or bone grafting, these images make it easier than ever to ensure the best outcome. 

What are the benefits of the images received with the i-CAT cone beam technology? 

There are many reasons why patients will want to consider a dentist who offers this 3D imaging option for diagnosis and treatment of dental conditions. The i-CAT cone beam technology: 

  • Provides crystal clear images that can be enlarged to show more detail
  • Improves the accuracy of certain dental procedures, including the placement of implants
  • Allows the dentist to see all the facial structures in the area for improved planning
  • Offers precision diagnosis of cysts, tumors, and malformations
  • Helps diagnose conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder and blocked airway passages contributing the obstructive sleep apnea

Visit a dentist who has reinvested into his practice for the benefit of his patients 

Dr. Darren Gonzalez of Santa Rosa, California is a quality dentist in the community who has a focus on providing the best possible solutions for his patients. This also includes the most advanced diagnostic tools. If you are ready to work with a dentist who offers state-of-the-art services not available elsewhere, we encourage you to call (707) 542-1532 for an appointment. We are conveniently located at 1515 Montgomery Drive and accept new patients and families.  

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