What factors might keep me from obtaining dental implants?

If you are one of the million Americans have lost teeth, you know how difficult it can be to choose a desirable option. With many different treatments available for tooth replacement after tooth loss and extraction, it can be overwhelming making a choice without having the education you need to... Read more »

Oral surgeries with conscious sedation

Do you avoid scheduling dental visits because of fear and anxiety over the treatments performed? Do you find yourself putting off cleanings and evaluations for fear of being told you need extensive dental work completed? If you are one of the millions of Americans who deal with dental anxiety, we... Read more »

Why you should never skip your dental checkups every six months

Patients of Santa Rosa, CA who are concerned about the appearance and health of their smile may wonder why routine visits to the dentist are critical to their oral health. Dr. Darren Gonzalez of Santa Rosa, California is pleased to provide patients with an education to help them understand the... Read more »

What does it mean if my gums hurt and bleed when I brush my teeth?

In order to properly care for your smile each day, you need to brush and floss your teeth after every meal. However, what happens if brushing your teeth is painful? What do you do if you notice bleeding when you brush, and experience sensitivity of the gums? If you suspect... Read more »

The advantages of CEREC same day dentistry

In most dental practices, the process of creating and placing restorations such as crowns, veneers, and bridges was an extensive progression that took several days, even weeks, to complete from start to finish. However, continued advances in dental technology allow Dr. Darren Gonzalez and his team in Santa Rosa, California... Read more »

How to protect your smile from periodontal disease?

We’ve all heard from our dentist the importance of brushing and flossing the teeth every day—preferably after every meal. However, did you know that conditions such as periodontal disease can also be avoided with routine dental visits? In addition to caring for the teeth and gums at home each day,... Read more »

Boost your smile’s brilliance with teeth whitening

Patients often equate a whiter smile as a healthy smile, though it’s just one piece of the oral health care puzzle. Men and women who have discoloration and stains on their teeth may be hesitant to show off their smile to others in social situations, often avoiding smiling or hiding... Read more »

What is prophylaxis?

  Taking care of the smile to ensure it stays healthy and beautiful for life requires a patient to routinely have their teeth cleaned and examined by a dental professional. Visits to the dentist every six months are encouraged by Dr. Darren Gonzalez in Santa Rosa, California. These appointments, sometimes... Read more »