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Patients of Santa Rosa, CA who are concerned about the appearance and health of their smile may wonder why routine visits to the dentist are critical to their oral health. Dr. Darren Gonzalez of Santa Rosa, California is pleased to provide patients with an education to help them understand the importance of regular dental checkups every six months.

What happens at dental checkups?

During routine visits to the dentist, patients will experience the following:

  • Education – taking care of the smile at home is a vital part of ensuring good oral health and wellness. Patients are advised to ask questions to learn about the ways to care for their smile, including proper brushing and flossing techniques. These steps will reduce the risk of patients experiencing periodontal disease and tooth decay.
  • Cleaning – our dental hygienists will then provide patients with a thorough professional cleaning of the teeth and gums. This can be done to remove plaque, tartar, and calculus that may have formed on the teeth since the last dental appointment. This cleaning is not painful and includes a polish of the teeth. Some patients who need sealants or fluoride treatments will have them done immediately following their cleaning.
  • Evaluation – once the dental hygienist has cleaned the teeth, the dentist will come into the room and evaluate the smile. This includes looking for signs of cavities, periodontal disease, and even screening for oral cancer. Any concerns that are found are addressed with the patient and future treatments may be scheduled accordingly. The primary benefit of routine dental checkups is to monitor oral health and catch problems early enough for successful intervention.

Learn more about the importance of routine dental care!

At the practice of Dr. Darren Gonzalez, we provide patients in the Santa Rosa, CA area with the services they need to achieve proper oral health and wellness. If you have questions about ways in which you can care for your smile and take care of the teeth and gums between dental checkups, we invite you to book a consultation visit with our team by calling (707) 542-1532. Our team is dedicated to providing patients with solutions for their smile, including general, cosmetic, and restorative care.