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Santa Rosa, California area patients who have experienced the loss of one or more teeth may be curious as to what their options are when it comes to restoring their smile. While dentures and bridges are commonplace, they are not the only choice for patients anymore. Dr. Darren Gonzalez and his team are excited to provide another option called the dental implant. 

What is a dental implant? 

Dr. Darren Gonzalez may recommend to patients the benefits of the dental implant. Dental implants are titanium posts that look like very small hardware screws. They act as a tooth root replacement, resting in the bone of the jaw just as a natural tooth does. The portion of the implant above the gum line has an abutment, which allows a restoration to become fixed over the top. 

How many teeth can a dental implant replace? 

Another reason why dental implants are so popular is because of their versatility. Dental implants can replace one, several, or all the teeth in a dental arch, and here’s how: 

  • Single tooth – dental implants can be placed during oral surgery into the socket where another tooth once was. When restored over the abutment with a dental crown, it replaces a single missing tooth.
  • Multiple teeth – dental implants are often used on one or both ends of a dental bridge to provide support when adjacent teeth are not available. This can be done to replace several teeth in a row.
  • All the teeth—patients with significant tooth loss may find that they need an option for replacing all the teeth in the dental arch. This situation is best addressed with an implant-supported denture, which is a more conservative full denture that is held in place with four dental implants placed strategically along the dental arch.

Dental implants can restore your smile after tooth loss 

Santa Rosa, California dentist, Dr. Darren Gonzalez, is pleased to offer dental implant placement and restoration for new and established patients in his practice. Call (707) 542-1532 to request a consultation visit with our team, conveniently located at 1515 Montgomery Drive. We are here to help with a wide selection of oral surgeries, including dental implant placement.