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lady good mood charming cute appearance raise fists celebrateDental implants have become one of the top choices for patients who are seeking long-term tooth replacement for their smile. These metal appliances are placed in the jawbone during oral surgery and act as the foundation for a bridge, denture, or crown. However, many patients who are considering their options may compare dental implants with other options, including full dentures. Dr. Darren Gonzalez of Santa Rosa, CA is available to help patients determine which solution is best for their needs: full arch dental implants or full dentures.

Do I want to care for traditional dentures?

While dentures are a common restoration for many patients who are missing all their teeth in the dental arch, they can be time-consuming to care for. Their upkeep requires you to remove them every night, soak them in denture solution, and keep them sanitized. Denture creams and adhesives are messy but necessary to keep dentures on the ridge of the gums. These can be costly and difficult to use.

Do I want to risk bone loss?

Long-term denture-wearers also risk the natural loss of bone through bone resorption. Once a tooth is lost, the bone density in the area will slowly reduce. This can result in a smaller jaw that looks disfigured or gives way to a “sunken in” appearance that makes the patient look older. By placing dental implants and using them for implant-retained dentures, patients can maintain the natural bone of the jaw with time and keep a more youthful look.

Do I want to keep paying for traditional dentures?

Traditional dentures may cost less upfront than dental implants, but their longevity makes them a routine cost for patients over the years. Instead of replacing dentures regularly, patients can use more conservative dentures with implants for longer repair. Patients worried about the upfront investment for full arch implants versus dentures can talk to our team about financing options available.

It’s time to talk to a dental provider in Santa Rosa, CA about implants

If you are thinking about dental implants or want to compare them to full dentures to replace missing teeth, we welcome you to the practice of Dr. Darren Gonzalez. Call (707) 542-1532 to request an appointment at the office, conveniently located at 1515 Montgomery Drive. The practice is open to new and returning patients seeking general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry from a skilled and experienced professional.