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Patients often equate a whiter smile as a healthy smile, though it’s just one piece of the oral health care puzzle. Men and women who have discoloration and stains on their teeth may be hesitant to show off their smile to others in social situations, often avoiding smiling or hiding their smile behind their hands. Instead, patients want to find a way to enhance the appearance of their smile without expensive cosmetic dental work. With professional teeth whitening solutions, patients can visit the practice of Dr. Darren Gonzalez in Santa Rosa, California to get started brightening the smile!

What about over-the-counter whitening products?

Many patients feel overwhelmed when they walk into the oral health aisle of their local drugstore. There are many different toothpastes, tray systems, whitening pens, and strips that vary in price. While some people with mild discoloration may find these to be helpful, others want dramatic results and are willing to make the investment in their smile. These patients often work with their dentist to obtain professional whitening options. At the practice of Dr. Darren Gonzalez, professional whitening solutions are available and can brighten the teeth up to eight shades brighter!

What options are available at the dental office?

Santa Rosa, California area patients have two different solutions to choose from:

  • In-office power bleaching – with the help of our dental team, patients can obtain a beautiful, brilliant smile in less than two hours! Our in-office power bleaching provides whitening right in the dental chair, ensuring dramatic results with our professional-grade whitening products. These highly concentrated active ingredients allow for deep, dark stains to be pulled from the natural enamel to brighten the smile quickly and effortlessly.
  • Take-home whitening kits – patients seeking a more affordable and gradual whitening option may opt for our take-home whitening kits. These kits include custom trays made for the patient, which are worn nightly with professional-strength bleaching gels. Many patients can obtain the same results as in-office power bleaching with several weeks of use.

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